A bit about me.


I have spent the last two decades active in cross border business and investment trends. I was named to Foreign Policy’s inaugural “Pacific Power Index” which recognizes 50 individuals shaping the future of U.S. and China ties. I was also recognized as one of the UN70 Digital Leader by the United Nations Foundation in recent years. Always curious and an early adopter in following what the early adopters are doing has gotten me into some interesting spaces, sectors and networks over the years. I’ve been involved in cross border China business for the past 20 years and am regarded as a connector at the intersection of China and some key sectors including technology, real estate and entertainment. 

I’m a co-founder of America Innovates, a platform focused on accelerating innovation and social impact in America. I am also a co-founder of Cross Border Lab, an accelerator of brands and companies into new markets and a partner of True Family Enterprises, a family office that specializes in real estate, consumer goods, retail, private equity, entertainment and venture capital.

I am known for being vocal and in action on issues that I care about personally and it absolutely reflects in all areas of my life including the work I do. I am an advocate for mental health awareness as a result of losing my sister to suicide in 2004.





My thoughts in bite sized pieces.