Christine Lu has 20 years of China experience that began in the early 90s when her family’s manufacturing and retail business entered the market. During the mid-90s she spent summer breaks during college years in Shanghai studying Mandarin and interning for The American Chamber of Commerce.  Upon graduation from Boston University in 1998, Christine moved to Shanghai.

From 1999-2004, Christine served 5 years as head of Marketing for TV Shopping Network (TVSN), a joint venture funded by DFS Group (Duty Free Shoppers) founder Robert Miller’s private equity firm The Search Investment Group, Prudential Assets Management Asia, and IAC’s HSN (Home Shopping Network). Christine oversaw the company’s business development and incubated its e-commerce and direct marketing businesses in China. In 2002, she launched the company’s mail order catalog division. Within 2 years it accounted for 51% of gross sales from a monthly circulation of almost 1 million shoppers in the company’s database.  During these years, Christine was also an active member of The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s Marketing Committee.

Upon returning to the U.S., Christine produced a podcast show for Entrepreneur Magazine called “The China Business Show” which led to her founding of The China Business Network. In 2009 she sold her interests in the company and remained active in cross border China initiatives that included co-organizing the first GeeksOnAPlane Silicon Valley tech influencer tours with 500Startups‘ Dave McClure. She also brought one of the first TEDx events to China as the first curator of TEDxShanghai. She has served as an advisor to Tudou pre-IPO and GMIC Silicon Valley.

In recent years, Christine became known as a cross border connector at the intersection of travel and luxury as the co-founder and CEO of Affinity China – a private network for affluent Chinese going global. Her holding company 8X8 is a cross border platform focused on investments at the intersection of China going global.

Christine was recently named to Foreign Policy’s inaugural “Pacific Power Index” which recognizes 50 individuals shaping the future of U.S. and China ties. She is also one of the 70 “Digital Influencers” for the United Nation Foundation and on the advisory board for Chinese payments company Nihao Pay as well as Politik.

She is a co-founder of America Innovates, an initiative focused on transforming communities across America by accelerating innovation districts.

Christine has a BA in International Relations from Boston University.

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